Frequently asked Questions

Who runs the flights offered by

Flights are carried out by suitable pilots and / or companies depending on the type and urgency. Piper aircraft are used within the group.

Why does AirTaxi Express Limited not operate flights itself?

The legal regulations differ greatly from country to country in order to be able to carry out flights for people. In order to better meet the legal, local requirements, is internationally networked with partner companies.

Are small aircraft flights safe?

From a statistical point of view, flights with small aircraft are less dangerous than motorcycling per km, but more dangerous than driving a car. We recommend that people with no flight experience book a shorter route or a sightseeing flight with a small aircraft in order to reduce any fear of flying. The aircraft themselves are checked every 50 hours of flight. All maintenance and control work is carried out exclusively by approved aircraft yards.

Where can you land anywhere?

There are thousands of small airfields in Europe. The landing and take-off options for small aircraft are significantly more extensive than is possible with scheduled aircraft. There is often an airfield in the immediate vicinity of your desired travel destination. Please inquire individually if an airport of your choice is not available in the selection list.

Are there any cancellation costs?

As a guest, you can cancel flights free of charge up to 24 hours before departure. In the case of shorter cancellations or no-shows, the full travel fee will be charged.

How is the payment processed?

Payment is made conveniently by sending the invoice before departure. The invoice must be paid before the start of the journey.

Compensation for flight cancellation by partner company?

Weather conditions or unforeseen events (strike, technical defect, etc.) can, in exceptional cases, mean that flights have to be canceled at short notice by the provider. The provider reimburses the flight fees paid.