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Calculate your desired flights on a cost-sharing basis - individually

Sample Prices

Cologne-London-Cologne: 180€ *
Frankfurt-Sylt-Frankfurt: 226€ *

* Airfare participation cost estimate per person with 3 passengers for outward and return journeys.


Safety is a top priority. All brokered aircraft are serviced by approved aircraft yards according to European standards. The pilots mediated by AirTaxi.Express use tried-and-tested aircrafts.


All flights brokered by AirTaxi.Express are operated by experienced pilots. The pilots have hundreds, sometimes thousands of flight hours of practical experience and prepare each flight individually. The pilot will coordinate all the details of the flight and your journey to the airport with you by telephone. Are you a pilot and want to fly for AirTaxi.Express then please sign up as a pilot. For questions write us an email at