Benefits of AirTaxi Express

On you can search for and reserve prices and aircraft directly. Lengthy manual inquiries and days of waiting for offers are no longer necessary. Over 150 pilots are registered on

Day trips

With AirTaxi.Express, even more distant destinations can be easily reached as a day trip. Would you like to relax in a thermal bath? Enjoy the fresh sea air?

Whether alone or with the whole family. Easily book your next day trip from the airport near you.

Start at 8 or 9 a.m. in the morning. Just in time for lunchtime you could take a seat in your favorite restaurant on the beach on Sylt. In the afternoon you can go back home relaxed.

Day flights are ideal for setting off to new destinations on Sundays.

Weekend trips

Treat yourself to a real weekend from Saturday morning to Sunday evening. Whether the French coast, Denmark, Sweden or other destinations. Instead of standing in traffic jams for hours, simply fly to your dream destination. You can reach many destinations in Europe non-stop in a very short time with a private plane.

Book your flight on AirTaxi.Express and coordinate the details conveniently with your pilot. It is usually worthwhile if the pilot stays with you to avoid empty flights.


AirTaxi.Express is also ideal for vacation planning. For stays of 3 days or more, the aircraft flies back to your home base and flies back to it for your return journey.

Your pilot can also take special requests, excess baggage and much more into account. Should you wish to travel to and from your hotel, your pilot can also take care of the transport of your luggage and the corresponding taxi bookings.

Business travel

For business customers, AirTaxi.Express offers flights according to instrument flight rules. Greater time planning and availability are guaranteed.

Sightseeing flights

Whether as a birthday present or for special occasions. Sightseeing flights in your own region are always a nice change. Sightseeing flights with AirTaxi.Express are mostly flown by enthusiastic private pilots and are therefore particularly cheap.

Air freight service

Would you like to transport urgent freight quickly from A to B? AirTaxi.Express will take care of a suitable aircraft and pilot. Let us advise you and ask individually.

Aircraft charter

AirTaxi.Express arranges aircraft for rent. The fleet is currently from PA28 and C172 machines. For an hour of flight with a PA28 with 235 HP, including fuel, € 219 plus VAT. (Hobbies)

AirTaxi.Express Premium

On the AirTaxi.Express website private as well as professional pilot flights are brokered. Professional pilot flights are suitable for people who value pilots with more flight experience. In order to be able to book flights with professional pilots, a one-time premium membership (€ 99) is required. Premium members receive many benefits:

  • Higher pilot availability
  • Telephone travel planning hotline
  • Professional pilots
  • and much more


AirTaxi.Express arranges flights for private pilots on a shared cost basis. Special flights (e.g. business flights) are handled by professional pilots.

If you would like to fly with AirTaxi as a pilot, you can register HERE for free.

In the case of shared-cost flights, the pilot shares the costs of the flight with the passengers on board. For example, if the flight costs € 300 and the pilot flies with 2 guests, the pilot may only demand a flat-rate fee of € 200 from the guests.

Commercial pilots, on the other hand, are allowed to fly for a fee. This usually makes the flights more expensive than cost-sharing flights and they are more popular with commercial customers.


There are over 1000 airfields in Europe. Many airfields are travel destinations in themselves. Visit new places, clubs, people and try out gastronomic offers at selected airfields. AirTaxi.Express presents particularly interesting airfields.

Aircraft owner

Are you the proud owner of an aircraft but would like a higher flight occupancy rate? AirTaxi.Express will be happy to add your aircraft to its database and refer your aircraft to competent pilots. Contact us.


AirTaxi.Express is all about you, dear passengers. Use the comfort of a private plane to travel comfortably and quickly.