The aircraft of the group

As a guest of, you can enjoy the comfort and safety of aircraft from the US aircraft manufacturer Piper Aircraft Inc. Since 1927 the company has been building small aircraft and setting standards in the aircraft industry.

Within the group there are currently two different types of aircraft are used:

Piper PA28 – Value

The PA28 is a single-engine, four-seat light aircraft with a cruising speed of approx. 200 km / h. When fully occupied, the aircraft only needs about 5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers per person. It has a range of approx. 1200 kilometers and a payload of approx. 560 KG.

The altitude of the PA28 is usually below 4000 meters and is preferably used for flights of up to 4 hours.

Piper PA46 – Premium

The PA46 is a single-engine, six-seat light aircraft with a pressurized cabin and a cruising speed of approx. 370 km / h. The consumption when fully occupied is less than 4 liters per 100 kilometers per person. The range is approx. 2000 kilometers.

Due to the pressurized cabin, the PA46 can fly at a cruising altitude of 8000 meters and thus flies above the weather. This makes long-haul flights particularly pleasant and quiet.

Depending on the variant and design, the technical values mentioned for the aircraft may vary slightly.